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About Us

TAVOLA, Original Italian Taste belongs to Global Link, a corporation with more than a decade of expertise in luxury fashion and lifestyle.

Founder Tran Thi Hoai Anh and her team of chefs and designers share the same vision of a center, a destination to experience authentic Italian food and lifestyle, art and music, outside of Italy. The vision now resides in two expansive floors in PV tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, called Tavola.

Tavola is a modern dining and unique site, conceived by Italian team of: Chef PierFranco and interior designer Pietro Pizzi.

On the ground floor, a casual chicspace. Open kitchen takes you to the world of fresh ingredients and the art of making pizza, even before it arrives to your table. A touch of nature and cultural inspiration linger at sight, through wooden furniture, and a library-styled wine bar.

Together, these visionaries have created Tavola.

Founder Tran Thi Hoai Anh's earlier working experience saw her perform in marketing and business development in the airlines and manufacturing industries with multi-national companies such as Vietnam Airlines, Swiss Airlines, and Jardine Schindler. She was also a share-holder of several local companies investing in the energy fields.


Mannazu PierFranco
Growing up in Sardinia - Italy, Chef Franco learnt to cook at a very young age. Franco's dream is to bring the Italian authentic flavor of Sardinia to the world.
With his mother's secret recipe, Chef Franco started making his way to professional cooking at many famous restaurants in Italy: Isola dei Sapori, Conti, Ribol, Magia e Ridi,...
35 years of experience, Chef Franco has brought his passion and Italian original flavor to Vietnam at Tavola restaurant.

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Mariasole Capodanno
Project Manager and Consultant specialized in Food and Beverage. Born in Rome but based in Milano, traveling and consulting  for 20 years for top 5 stars Restaurants, Hotels and private VIPs in  Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul,  Mauritius, Maldives, Bali, New York,  Spain and of course in Italy. Specialized in tailored projects and creation of signature dishes of Italian pure real taste teste and international cuisine with worldwide ingredients as well.

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